Dusan Vukadinovic, a candidate from Podgorica, did not make it to the next round of the competition. His mother, Nata Vukadinovi, made a number of accusations against Snezana Djuricic, who announced a lawsuit as a defense. Dusan stated that her son’s “mother was crouching, while Snezana was fighting her.” She claimed that a member of the jury had allegedly asked for a bribe from her in order to allow her son to pass.

Aleksandar Mili defended Mili during this time, and Saa Popovi even published a message that Vukadinovic sent to Snezana Djurisic in which he stated that “he has a diagnosis.” Other members of the jury for the “Zvezde Granda” competition also spoke out.

In any case, Ana Bekuta and Marija Šerifović have stayed limited until the present time about the present issue of the undertaking that is shaking Zvezde Fabulous. Aca Lukas’s statement added fuel to the fire by highlighting the fact that mentors who embrace winners take money from candidates. Marija’s PR team has now spoken out about this and said that “Serifovic” was not in Lukas’ statement at all.

“Because Popovic made his statement, we have nothing to advertise; this is more of a concern for the head of ‘Grand’ production than it is for her as a member of the expert jury. According to 24sedam, team member Marija erifovi stated, “She absolutely did not find herself called out in some comments. She certainly has her own wars and struggles, so she did not comment on anything and will not advertise on that issue.”

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